August 14, 2008

Spotted! Zoo’s Newest Feline


Adoring fans at Stone Zoo New England were seeing spots yesterday when the zoo introduced its newest and smallest king cat, "Chessie" - a 10 1/2-week-old baby jaguar - for the first time to the public.

"She's a little bit shy," said Peter Costello, the Stoneham zoo's assistant curator and one of Chessie's caretakers.

"But she's coming out of her shell," said Costello of the 7- pound cub.

Chessie, who was born to mom jaguar "Kanga" and pop "Pacal," is part of the Jaguar Species Survival Plan, a national inter-zoo program devoted to the survival of the speckled cats.

"She's going to take after her mother," Costello said. "It's only the first day, and she's been all over the exhibit."

CAPTION: Chessie the baby jaguar with her mother Kanga at the Stone Zoo. STAFF PHOTO BY TED FITZGERALD

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