August 14, 2008

Hearing Voices of Protest

By DYKES, Mervyn

Protest music from the 1970s - some of it from countries where the composers risked their freedom - if not their lives - will feature at a presentation of the weird, wacky and wonderful at Palmerston North City Library on August 15.

DJ Damian McGregor, whose on-stage name is dFresh, will present a selection of obscure tracks from his LP archives and share the finer details of the songs' artists, the eras, genres and origins of the music in the sound and vision section between 6.30pm and 8pm.

"It's a chance to experience the wonders of 70s Sound Library records, 60s and 70s Eastern psychedelic rock and funk, Ethiopian Jazz, African Highlife and Afro beat, spiritual and avant garde jazz and other oddities," he says.

"One musician I will be featuring is Selda Baghan who was like the Joan Baez of Turkey. She worked at a time when all lyrics had to be submitted to the government for approval before they could be sung."

Underground performers who tried to circumvent this requirement did so at their peril.

Baghan was, at the height of her career, prevented from travelling overseas. Years later, she was able to leave the country, but was not allowed back.

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