August 17, 2008

Wilson: ‘Rocker’ Has John Hughes Feel

Actor Rainn Wilson says his upcoming movie "The Rocker" is reminiscent of the family-friendly works of Hollywood director John Hughes.

Wilson said the comedy, which is about a heavy metal musician without a band, will please audience-goers who enjoyed Hughes movies such as the 1989 comedy "Uncle Buck," the Detroit Free Press reported Sunday.

"It's definitely a family comedy with an '80s John Hughes feel, a little like 'Uncle Buck,'" Wilson said. "It's heartwarming, and sure, it will appeal mostly to teenagers, but parents can also come along for the ride."

Wilson, known best for his portrayal of office drone Dwight Schrute on NBC's "The Office," added that he has little problem with the physical laughs attached to his "Rocker" performance as Robert (Fish) Fishman.

"Really, there's no vanity at this point. If my body gets a laugh, so be it," he told the Free Press. "If falling down the stairs gets a laugh, that's fine, too, as long as it's right for the character."