August 18, 2008

6 of the Best WoS Puts the Latest Gadgets to the Test

By Ferret

WE'VE been treated to a solid schedule of new releases so far this year at the cinema, from rubbish-eating robots to the resurrection of a whip-cracking hero we thought had long retired. Not only a varied offering for your viewing pleasure but after the credits have rolled there are opportunities a plenty to pay homage to your favourite film by splashing out on a piece of lovely licensed kit.

START AN ARMY - Clone Trooper Helmet (pounds 27.99, The latest fromMr Lucas is the animated film uncovering the secrets of the Clone Army and now you can immerse yourself in the guise of an infantryman.

The helmet has several signature phrases as well as a voice amplifier for barking out your own orders.


(pounds 19.99, from Clip the soft foam three-foot whip to your carry strap, the only time that it's excusable to use your belt in this way.

Complete your look with a fedora upon your head and bring the whip into action with a swift flick of the wrist. Enjoy the authentic cracking sound or a rendition of the famous film theme tune.

FURRYFIGHTER - Kung Fu Panda (pounds 39.99, from With Jack Black's voice shoehorned into the interactive toy it'll really bring your film memories back to life.

Marvel as your interactive Po shows off his myriad of martial arts moves, including one very impressive roundhouse kick.

DRIVABLE DUSTBIN - Wall-E U-Command (pounds 79.99, at There has been an overload of stuff from this smash hit film, but this bit of kit stands out as the main event.

Light-up eyes, original film voice and sound-effects, animated movements and over 1,000 action combinations accessed via the remote control. Best of all are the tank-like treads he uses to move about.

BE THE BAT- Dark Knight MegaCape

(pounds 49.99, This ultimate Batman dress- up set might be a bit of a squeeze for the grown-ups but this is one of those gadgets that everyone will try to have a go on.At first glance it's simply a standard set of wings, cowl and mask, but at one-touch you'll reveal your own five-foot wingspan.

FORMIDABLE FISTS - Hulk Hands (pounds 24.99, You don't even have to be angry to mimic the digits of the green giant, not the one of sweetcorn fame, the misunderstood scientist.

Slip on these hands and hear them smash and bash as you move them.

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