August 19, 2008

Lazy Town Live, Sunderland Empire

By Lucy Richardson

THERE aren?t many children?s programmes that are pitched equally to boys and girls, but the popularity of LazyTown was evident as an army of mini Stephanies and Sportacuses turned out to watch their heroes in a live version of the show.

As we took our seats at in the packed theatre, my husband and I prepared to grit out teeth for the torturous hour and a half ahead while our daughter enjoyed her third birthday treat.

But as we flew into LazyTown with our arms outstretched to imitate the plane, the theme music that we all know so well was played and the audience whooped with delight.

The curvy set was an excellent replica and the cast, although not the same actors as in the television series, were just as good.

Sportacus (Julian EssexSpurrier) performed the acrobatics we have come to expect and Stephanie (Kimberly Pena) danced her way through the show.

The real star, though, was Robbie Rotten (Scott Joseph) who, like all pantomime villains got the best one-liners and the most laughs.

While he used ?rotten? tricks to try and keep the kids of LazyTown slumped in front of computer games, eating sweets, Sportacus saved the day by teaching them to be healthy and work together.

My daughter was captivated throughout the entire performance and the three of us happily sang songs from the show all the way home.

LazyTown Live is being performed today at the Futurist Theatre Scarborough at 11am, 2pm and 5pm. For details call 01723-365789

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