August 20, 2008

I Gel Well With Deepika: Bipasha


Say Bipasha Basu, and the image that conjures up is of a sexy, glamour doll, who is too hot to handle. But, as she warms up to the conversation, it is her scintillating intelligence that gets you.

Putting aside all the diplomacy, she articulates on subjects good, bad and controversial. In a free wheeling chat, Bipasha speaks about women in Bollywood, the controversies surrounding her and a holiday with boyfriend John Abraham.

Experimen-ting with roles

"I don't think much while selecting a role. I do whatever makes me happy. But, fortunately for me my films are a nice mix of different characters. For every masala film I also have a Corporate, an Apaharan and the extremely arty Pankh to boast of. I have enjoyed doing the comedies too as they are fun and we also have a blast on the sets. I am happy with the roles that I have done."

Bollywood is male centric

"I am intelligent enough to realise that women are always secondary in this male dominated industry. Look at the way Shah Rukh Khan, Salman and Aamir are still going strong. But we actresses can never even dream of such an inning. The only actress in Bollywood who has been able to beat this system is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. You can call it her luck or just being at the right place at the right time, but the fact is that she has achieved this feat. In fact her fame goes beyond Bollywood as she is the only one who is recognised in Hollywood. This is something, which can't be said for even SRK or Big B."

Coping with controversies

"They are never of my making, but yes, there is one to my credit almost every day. I don't know how these rumours about me acting pricey and having differences with Deepika Padukone got started. I am not crazy to insist that I will sit next to Ranbir or will make an entry with him on the sets of a television programme. I know that the two of them are together. In fact I gel very well with Deepika. In fact she is the only actress with whom I don't mind sharing a vehicle. This is something I would never do with any other female star.

Then there was this big fuss about my having refused to shoot with Shahid and Vidya Balan for the finale of a music reality show recently. The fact is that the channel and the title sponsorer for whose product I'm the brand ambassador had some differences. I was asked not to go for the shoot. Then they asked me to do so the next day and I went."

Home sweet home

"My new home is taking up a lot of my time. All I want is a comfortable bed, a nice kitchen were tasty food can be prepared and a luxurious bath. I think we guys deserve at least this much after a long and tiring day. I'm working on this and will be ready to enjoy it by early next year."

Holiday with John

"It was just that I arrived at Capri for a film's shoot and fell in love with the place. So I called up John to share my joy with him. The next thing that I read was that John and myself are planning a holiday at Capri. Please, I would never go there for a holiday as it would be too tiring."

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