August 21, 2008

Who Shot the Sheriff to Be Screened in Hull

The raw energy of Joe Strummer, the spiky punk icon, was the focus for a generation.

As lead singer and guitarist of The Clash, Strummer - a founder of Rock Against Racism - was an insistent voice against prejudice.

And though he lost his battle against cancer in 2002, his fight continues through one of the great documentary films.

Who Shot the Sheriff? - screened at Sabrini's, Princes Avenue, Hull, this Saturday - chronicles the founding of Rock Against Racism in the late 1970s.

"We've started to forget those times," said the film's director, Alan Miles.

"But we can't forget them, it would be like forgetting the Holocaust. You have to remember and say 'never again'.

"And the fascists are on the rise again with the BNP, though they're now in suits and aren't on the streets anymore."

The documentary, shown by Hull Film, features interviews and unseen footage of artists from Rock against Racism and the modern equivalent, Love Music Hate Racism. Interviewees include The Clash and Pete Doherty.

Pieced together from news clips and original footage, the film includes footage of the 1978 Carnival in London's Victoria Park, where 100,000 marched to a show headlined by The Clash.

There is also video of Strummer's last concert - a 2002 gig in aid of striking fireman.

This particular piece of footage is pertinent to Alan, who has been a firefighter since 1996.

Strummer's concert, which Alan videoed, lead him to explore the musician's background, and to create Who Shot the Sheriff?

"There's so much that I couldn't get into the film," said Alan, who trawled through hundreds of hours of film footage - as well as shooting hundreds more of his own.

"The more I researched the movement, the more it amazed me."

Who Shot The Sheriff? is being shown at Sabrini's Cafe Bar, 63 Princes Avenue, Hull, on Saturday, at 7.30pm.

Free entry with food orders over pounds2.50. Call (01482) 449893

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