August 22, 2008

Festival to Teach Christians How to Avoid Sex Before Marriage

How to avoid sex is one of the topics at this weekend's Lincolnshire Grapevine Christian festival.

Speakers at the festival will be giving advice to teenage worshippers on how to avoid sexual encounters.

Chastity until marriage is still practiced and preached as part of the Christian faith. However, many young followers struggle to uphold this doctrine in the face of peer pressure.

Carl Belcher (35) works for Ground Level, a Christian network providing support for local churches and ministries.

He will be offering his wisdom at the five-day festival, which starts this Friday on Lincolnshire Showground, near Lincoln.

"Waiting until marriage avoids one suffering the heartache of broken-down sexual relationships - not to mention the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies," he said.

"The most helpful advice I can give is to think well in advance of a tempting situation arising. It'd be unrealistic to expect one to make moral choices in the midst of a heated moment.

"Before my partner and I got married we tried not to spend time exclusively together, or put ourselves in situations where it'd be easy to have sex.

Daniel Gill (22) is congregation member of Monks Road methodist church. He said: "My fiance and I have been together for two years, and we are both devout Christians.

"It takes a strong person to stay no in the face of sexual triggers, but we've had a frank discussion and decided that we'll save all aspects of sex until marriage."

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