August 22, 2008

National League of Cities TV Webcast on Life-Saving AIRS Technology Attracts National Attention From First Responders, Cities

National League of Cities TV (NLC TV,, the Internet TV channel of the National League of Cities (NLC) produced on cooperation with TV Worldwide, announced that first responders have reacted positively to a recent NLC TV webcast featuring a state-of-the-art technology that can significantly enhance the incident response survival rates. Known as the Advanced Incident Response System or AIRS, the IPv6-enabled solution allows incident response personnel from various agencies to communicate seamlessly while minimizing dependencies on the fixed infrastructure of the disaster site.

During the June 20 town meeting webcast, personnel from AIRS developer Command Information actually demonstrated how a customized application of AIRS empowers an incident commander with real time vital information ranging from personnel position to biometric data. On-line participation from emergency response experts in the field during the webcast, including members of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), facilitated the discussion.

In response, Jim Bartelloni, Vice President of Business Development for IPv6 6th Sense IT Architecture for Command Information, announced that the company had developed a special program for NLC member cities and IAFC members, which will include a 25% discount and free training support throughout the AIRS implementation process.

"We are pleased to be able to offer the AIRS system at a significant discount with free training to NLC and IAFC members," commented Bartelloni. "Based on the interest we generated during the webcast, we want to insure we make the AIRS system economically accessible to all municipalities and fire chiefs wishing to deploy AIRS and its life-saving features."

"The AIRS system has the capability to save lives and allow first responders to more efficiently manage their resources while providing a level of situational awareness not achieved prior to the use of this technology," stated Matt Bruskotter, Program Manager for the University of Findlay's School of Environmental and Emergency Management (SEEM) who participated remotely during the webcast.

"It is critical that new technologies be applied in the fire service to help us help our own if they get trapped," said Captain Jeremy McPike of the Dale City, Va. Volunteer Fire Department. "If you can enable a Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) with the technology to find a downed firefighter with precision -- you've given them a fighting chance at reaching them in time to save one of their own. There can be nothing more important to a firefighter than saving one of our own."

"We are pleased to be able make cities aware of this promising new technology through NLC TV," commented Amy Elsbree, Director of Center for Communications and Corporate Programs for the National League of Cities. "City officials are always looking for new solutions to e protect first responders in the line of duty."

"This technology was originally developed for the US Dept of Defense's "blue force tracking" systems and it was incredibly expensive," remarked Dave Green, Vice President & Chief of R&D for Command Information. "Now that it's being adopted by commercial companies for tracking and monitoring the status of shipments, the price has dropped dramatically so that it can be deployed at a reasonable cost. The lives of our first responders are invaluable, so now that the price is reasonable, we want cities to be able to take advantage of these advances in networked people trackers and sensors."

"We had significant traffic for this NLC TV webcast, including viewership from the first responder community and fire chiefs nationally," remarked Dave Gardy, CEO of TV Worldwide, NLC's strategic partner in the development and operation of NLC TV. "The AIRS system is attracting a lot of attention across the country as we continue to see growing traffic to the video archive of the webcast over the last several weeks becomes more viral in the community."

The video of the webcast will be archived for viewing for a full year at Participants should have the free Windows Media Video player installed to view the event.

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