August 22, 2008

‘Duke of Earl’ Allegedly Dukes It Out

The "Duke of Earl" says he's owned an appearance fee by a Chicago doo-wop stage show producer but the promoter alleges the "Duke" started a backstage fight.

Singer Gene Chandler, 68, filed suit Thursday claiming he wasn't paid $4,000 for a May 10 performance at the Chicago Theatre, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. But producer Henry Farag says Chandler hit his brother Lou when he told Chandler that Lou "Lightning' Strikes" Christie would close "The Ultimate Doo-Wop Show."

"He is a completely irrational, immature person who would cause such a stir over the fact he wasn't closing the show," Farag told the Sun-Times. He alleged Chandler hit his brother and missed the sing-along finale of "Good Night Sweetheart" as well as the fan meet-and-greet.

Chandler alleges he was toweling off after performing his "Duke of Earl" number in his trademark monocle, top hat and cape, when Farag's brother burst into the dressing room yelling and that the two came to blows. But that, he told the newspaper, doesn't mean he shouldn't get paid.