August 22, 2008

No Heart Attack for French Actor Reno

Contrary to some reports, French actor Jean Reno did not suffer a heart attack while on vacation in the Caribbean, his publicist says.

Reno, 60, who has appeared in such U.S. films as "The Da Vinci Code" and "Mission Impossible," went to the hospital only as a precaution after feeling some discomfort while on the island of St. Barts, the BBC reported Friday. The broadcaster said Reno was flown to a hospital in Martinique and subsequently released.

Spokeswoman Christina Papadopoulos said the actor went to hospital "as a precaution for some discomfort he was feeling due to heartburn and gastroenteritis. It was definitely was not a heart attack. He is fine and healthy and enjoying the rest of his vacation traveling in the Caribbean."

The broadcaster described Reno as one of the few actors who have made the transition from French cinema to Hollywood. He was born in Morocco to Spanish parents before adopting French nationality in his late teens.