August 22, 2008

Bourne’s Ballet is Festival Bestseller

CHOREOGRAPHER Matthew Bourne's ballet Dorian Gray has been officially confirmed as the biggest selling dance event in the history of the Edinburgh International Festival.

The show, which has its premiere this evening at the King's Theatre, already has 11,212 bookings.

The clamour to see the first show by Matthew Bourne in nearly three years has broken the Festival's previous record of 10,146 tickets, set by Mark Morris's Hard Nut in 1995.

And with ten days of booking left until the last performance of the ballet, and some tickets still remaining, total sales could reach the season capacity of 13,000 seats.

Mr Bourne is best known for his adaptations of classics such as Swan Lake, The Car Man, Edward Scissorhands and Nutcracker, and in his new show he tackles Oscar Wilde's cautionary fable about a young man who makes a pact with the devil.

Mr Bourne said: "My company last came to the Edinburgh Festival in 1992 and it is so rewarding and exciting that after such a long time there is so much interest in our new show Dorian Gray."

Jonathan Mills, Festival director said: "I am delighted that it [Dorian Gray] is proving so popular, though it doesn't come as a surprise.

"He has been thrilling dance fans and bringing new audiences to dance successfully for years now. I am very pleased that we are able to present the world premiere of his new work."

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