August 22, 2008

Gallery Goings-On

In Sergei Eisenstein's iconic 1925 film "Strike," an irate group of workers walks out of a factory in an effort to gain higher wages and shorter hours. As the situation deteriorates and it becomes clear that the factory's fat-cat management is unwilling to meet the workers' demands, the hungry strikers are terrorized and eventually mowed down by the authorities. And you thought the American Axle strike was scary. And in a unique screening on the back steps of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery (1285 Elmwood Ave.) at 8:30 tonight, viewers can glimpse Eisenstein's work in an entirely new light, with an original score written and performed by local composer David Kane. It's the first event in Squeaky Wheel Media Arts Center's Silent/Sound Outdoor Film Festival, which on Sept. 6 will feature a collection of classic and new experimental short films with original music for four guitars by composer Don Metz.

Tonight's event is part of a Gusto at the Gallery program that will also feature performances, starting at 5, from bands West of Odessa, the Karamfil Balkan Folk Orchestra and trioPAYAZZO. For more information, call 882-8700 or visit

-- Colin Dabkowski

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