August 23, 2008

Filmflex/Box Office ; Documentary of the Week

FILMFLEX BUTTERFLY ON A WHEEL Pierce Brosnan is back in thriller territory for this quality offering. A couple's daughter is kidnapped by a mysterious criminal, who forces them to take actions that destroy their ordered, comfortable lives.

CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are solid as the politician and rich Southern belle who fiddle the system to help fund the Afghan freedom fighters.

WE OWN THE NIGHT Anightclub manager must decide where his loyalties lie - with his police officer father and brother, or the gangsters who form his clientele.

SHROOMS If you like your horror films silly and grisly, this is the movie for you. A group of students travel to Ireland in search of magic mushrooms, and soon can't tell if a sinister presence is real or a hallucination.

SKY BOX OFFICE CLOVERFIELD Amassive explosion rocks New York and an unspeakable threat sparks a race for survival, while a group of friends capture the terror on a camcorder.

CLEANER Apolice crime-scene cleaner is assigned to a murder scene, only to realise someone is using him to destroy evidence. With such heavyweights as Samuel L Jackson and Ed Harris in the starring roles, this gripping thriller exudes quality.

DEFINITELY MAYBE Afather in the middle of a divorce tells his daughter the story of his life before marriage and how he met her mother.

I THINK I LOVE MY WIFE Comedian Chris Rock is on fine form as a sex-starved man who finds himself tempted to stray from the wife who he loves on one level but not another.

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