August 23, 2008

Nancy Ajram Puts a Stop to Marriage

During the press conference which was held in celebration for the launching of her latest album "Betfakar Fe Eh" (What Are You Thinking About) the Lebanese superstar Nancy Ajram put a stop to all the rumors about her marriage to a Lebanese dentist whom she is said to be in love with.

She stressed that what had been said about the two of them was just a rumor and far from the truth, not knowing who started such rumors. Nancy also made clear that once she decides to get married she'll announce the news herself to let all those who love her know and be happy for her.

Nancy says "that getting married is nothing to be ashamed of and is not a matter to be hid. She added that she only heard of her marriage news through the media just like everyone else".

Nancy also denied that her manager Jiji Lamarah had any influence on her personal decisions, saying that he never interfered in any of her personal business.

As for her latest album, Nancy says that it includes a variety of different music styles like folklore, romantic and classical music which is new for her.

She also pointed out that she'll start filming a video clip for her new classical song "Wa Ana Been Edeek" (When I'm Between Your Hands) next month with the Lebanese director Saed Al Marouq. At the same time she announced that she is ready to film 10 different songs from her new album into a video clips, because this is the only way to make her music famous.

Nancy noted that the large number of songs in her new album is due to the fact that she couldn't delay any of the songs to her next album which will be released in stores hopefully within a year. Nancy said that since all the 14songs were ready she had no other choice but to release them. 2008 Al Bawaba (

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