August 24, 2008

Films Take Bite at Irish Cannibal


AN IRISH cannibal's life story is set for the silver screen - three times over.

Alexander Pearce was transported to Australia in 1820 after being caught stealing six pairs of shoes.

He was soon sent to the hellish Sarah Island, and escaped with seven companions.

But without food or water, they were forced to murder and eat the weakest of their group.

RTE and the BBC have teamed up with Australian broadcasters to make the first movie about him.

Producer Nial Fulton said: "I think people will find they are horrified at a system which drove men to such barbarity."

It stars Ciaran McMenamin and Adrian Dunbar and will be released this year.

The other films are Dying Breed, where Pearce's offspring continue cannibalism, while Hell's Gates shows the Fermanagh farmworker as turned to depravity by the penal colony.

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