August 24, 2008

The Mix: Time to Go for Ghoul


NIGEL DANVERS, an amateur ghost and treasure hunter, has a problem. While investigating the mysterious Hadden Corporation he finds more than he bargained for.

The company - behind some of the world's most strange and experimental technologies - discovers his interest and puts two shadowy agents on his tail, prompting Danvers to board the last train out of London in a desperate escape.

Our amateur sleuth, however, awakes at the end of the line in the strange coastal town of Saxton, where high spring tides have brought treasure seekers flocking to find what the sea has revealed along the ancient coastline.

Danvers soon discovers that Saxton is steeped in myths, mysteries, paranormal activity and legends, including one about the lost Anglo-Saxton crown. But the inhabitants of the town - both living and dead - won't give up its secrets easily.

The Lost Crown, from master of paranormal adventures Jonathan Boakes, is shown mostly in black and white, bringing back memories of the early ghost and mystery films I enjoyed watching as a child.

The soundtrack, especially when heard through headphones, is reminiscent of one of those early BBC plays with eerie backing music and ambient sounds, plus an intriguing script, although not always brilliantly voice acted!

The result is an atmosphere as thick as the fog that shrouds the seaside town itself.

The impact is enhanced by the use of electronic voice phenomena and images captured by Boakes during paranormal investigations carried out while researching the game.

As adventure games go, it's the usual fare, with plenty of different puzzles to solve.

Search every location for clues before collecting and sometimes combining them to reveal secrets and solve mysteries.

There is an impressive array of ghost hunting tools at your disposal too, which you'll make plenty use of during your adventure through the seemingly sleepy hamlet of Saxton, and gamers will get many hours of enjoyable play.

Adventure games are undergoing a renaissance . . . and there can be fewer finer examples than The Lost Crown, a must for fans of the genre.

Game: The Lost Crown Fr o m : Lighthouse Interactive/Darkling Room For: PC Price: pounds 19.99 Rating: 12+

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