August 25, 2008

Time for Doctor Who to Lord It on the Big Screen

By Jane Bradley

IT MAY be thought of by some as a show for closet sci-fi geeks, but Doctor Who has now pipped the US comedy hit Friends as the TV series people most want to see turned into a film.

The latest instalment of the life of the time lord with two hearts has come top of a list of programmes that viewers are clamouring to see adapted for the big screen.

Science fiction was a popular theme in this year's poll of Radio Times readers, with interest in a film version of the antics of the Central Perk crew of Friends closely followed by 1990s space comedy Red Dwarf and the new US creation Heroes about the lives of a group of individuals who discover they have superhuman powers.

Also on the wanted list for big-screen fame are cult plane-crash drama Lost and 1960s hit The Prisoner, while crime and espionage TV series, such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Spooks, about an MI5 team, are also popular choices.

In a poll of the best television shows to have made it already to the cinema screens, sci-fi also came out top, with Star Trek scooping top spot.


1 Doctor Who 2 Friends 3 Red Dwarf 4 Heroes 5 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 6 Spooks 7 24 8 Lost 9 Torchwood 10 The Prisoner

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