August 26, 2008

TV Favourites Shake-Up Kids

Milkshake Rattle and Roll The Regent Theatre, Hanley

MILKSHAKE, Channel 5's children's show for under (and over!) fives, came to the Regent Theatre to the delight of a packed house.

Rupert the Bear and Noddy are familiar to all, but it was Fifi and Peppa Pig who got the loudest cheers of all from the toddling faithful. Their support was unfailing for the life-size versions of their TV heroes.

Held together by real-life Milkshake presenters Naomi Wilkinson and Beth Evans, whose enthusiasm was infectious, they encouraged adults to join in the singing and dancing shenanigans throughout.

The 'plot' involved the Milkshake team getting help from their TV friends to make a concert in the second-half.

We had singing with Peppa Pig and George, dancing with Fifi and Bumble, and a panto-style rumpus with Mr Bump, Little Miss Daredevil and The Little Princess.

The children were happy and parents relieved they weren't bored and demanding to leave immediately.

Better still, old favourites such as Heads, Shoulders Knees and Toes had everyone singing and dancing in the aisles, while Fifi's broad Lancashire Can't Get You Out of My Head rivalled Kylie's original.

Finally, smoke, lasers and light unleashed a guitar-riffing Rupert the Bear and I saw our answer to that Chinese Olympic opening ceremony: Guitar-hero Rupert accompanying Robert Plant as all 176 teams do the Hokey Cokey.

Come on Boris, what do you think about that? Crikey.

Duncan Hindmarch

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