August 26, 2008

Destinys Child

Anees, wife of late director Jeeva, seems relaxed than ever before.

Dhaam Dhoom was Jeeva's dream project and Anees is happy that she could at last fulfill his dream. "I'm happy I completed the film. I started working with Jeeva for this movie and I had to complete this movie without him. Several people in the industry have helped me in this venture. I have to thank everyone. P C Sreeram, Harris Jeyaraj and Jeeva's assistants have stood by me during tough times," says Anees.

Now that the movie is complete, how does she like the output? "Dhaam Dhoom is hard hitting and completely different from Jeeva's other movies."

Anees has also started a production house -Vision Jeeva Studio - which she believes will one day go on to become one of the top houses in the industry. She says, "I wanted to relive those pleasant moments of my life with Jeeva and movies were something which connect me to him. We were planning to start a production company soon. But destiny had other plans for me. Now, I have joined hands with Vikram Bhatt and we are planning to make at least four films a year."

Muthirai is their first venture. Starring Daniel Balaji, Nithin Sathya, Lakshmi Rai and Manjari, Muthirai has a promising plot. Anees says only the songs have to be shot. "Recording will happen in January and the movie will release soon. We are planning to put up an exquisite and exclusive set in Mahabalipuram for the movie," she says.

Interestingly, Jeeva's movies don't have 'star' value and Anees is continuing with the trend. "My new venture didn't require big stars. I liked Nithin Sathya after seeing his performance in Chennai- 60000 28. I was also looking for a face which would look like a loner. And Daniel fits the bill perfectly. Lakshmi Rai worked with us in Dhaam Dhoom and Manjari was chosen by Vikram as she is a known face in Bollywood," she adds.

On her role in Vision Jeeva Studios, she says she works on the story and the screen play. "I don't want to bite more than I can chew. Sreenath, Jeeva's assistant, will be directing my next venture and I will keep my hands off direction for a year," she smiles.

However, this smile of hers disappears occasionally to reflect the loss that she has suffered and the pain that she is experiencing. The lady reads a lot and listens to music to keep herself occupied. Her kids Sana and Aalya complete her life. She has enjoyed all of Jeeva's films. "I admire the way he handled direction. I can vouch that no one has still treated a subject the way he did 12B. No one can duplicate 12 B. Anyone can weave a story on the line of incidents. But his Unnale Unnale was just about emotions," she explains.

Has she treated Dhaam Dhoom the way Jeeva would have? "The movie leaves me with a lot of memories. I remember the way he waved to the three of us in the airport. And how he came back We never plan our life. It just twists and turns by itself. No one knows what I have lost. At the age of four, my daughter still doesn't understand what it means to lose a father. I don't want to let go of anything that would make them happy," she concludes.

V Lakshmi

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