August 28, 2008

Beatrix a Television Treat ; Very Occasionally We Are Treated to Something Very Different on TV Which Does Not Spell Out Sex, Violence and Bad Attitude.

Very occasionally we are treated to something very different on TV which does not spell out sex, violence and bad attitude.

The other Sunday evening the BBC showed the Miss Potter film, made in 2006. Real good Sunday night viewing to behold, so very beautifully photographed and so gentle and tranquil - a tonic which really calms the sheer frustration of today's world.

Britain indeed has produced some wonderful writers, and Helen Beatrix Potter has made her mark as the most published children's author, and even now her books still sell all over the world.

Although I was somewhat sceptical about the US actress, Renee Zellweger, taking the part of Beatrix, I have to say she played it beautifully and is likened to the real Miss Potter.

Bravo to the producers who told the story as it was - and especially to Chris Noonan for his direction.

And those credits at the end. For once they were not interrupted by what's on next, so we were able to sink into the atmosphere of a perfect ending to the sound of Katie Melua.

Peter Carroll Paignton

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