August 28, 2008

Style Quotient Fell Way Short

By Judie Schwartz; Evelinda Urman

Style Matters: It was all about comfort clothing for the celebrities who attended the Gospel Hill film screening at Mezcal restaurant Monday morning.

The film, about racial and generational divisions, was produced by actor Giancarlo Esposito. Angela Bassett, one of the film's stars, wore a white floppy hat and a scooped-neck muumuu dress. She finished off the ensemble with silver flip flops.

Barack Obama supporter Ellen Burstyn, also in attendance, wore a white lace eyelet loose-fitting tunic with baggy linen slacks. Her hair was au natural, and very little makeup adorned her face. Neither actress seemed to give much attention to her appearance.

What? Do we in Denver not rate a little more fancying up?

Next, we hit powerful political TV personality and author Arianna Huffington's book signing at the Starz Green Room. Even this former Republican, the epitome of the professional working woman, was dressed in a business casual outfit - a lilac linen jacket and black slacks with silver flats.

When SM asked her how professional women should dress, she told us: "It's all about authenticity and being comfortable with who you are. Discover your style and what works for you." This is a cop- out. What about some concrete advice for us regular working women?

Originally published by Judie Schwartz and Evelinda Urman.

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