August 29, 2008

BoxOffice ; We Rate the Movies That Are on at the Cinema This Week

1 Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

RON Perlman turns into the big red devil again to take on lots of baddies in this action romp. The best blockbuster of the so-called summer.

***** 12A

2 The Dark Knight

THE Batman sequel pulsates with adrenaline in a complex and violent tale that is darker and more psychological than previous Caped Crusader films. Heath Ledger wows as The Joker.

***** PG

3 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

SPECIAL effects can't save this sequel, which stars Brendan Fraser and John Hannah. The franchise needs a decent and final burial.

***** 12A

4 You Don't Mess With The Zohan ADAM Sandler makes a welcome return to top comic form in this tale about an Israeli agent who would much rather be a hairdresser.

***** 12A

5 Get Smart

STEVE Carell and Anne Hathaway star in this well worked version of the Sixties American TV spy spoof series. Plenty of laughs to keep you going.

***** 12A

6 Mamma Mia!

MERYL Streep plays an ageing hippy who lets her hair down to sing, dance and even air guitar her way through a plot that's as simple as spelling Abba backwards.

***** PG

7 Star Wars: The Clone Wars

ANIMATED version of the long-running space adventure sees Anakin Skywalker search for Jabba The Hutt's kidnapped son. One for the younger Star Wars fans.

***** PG

8 Wall-E

THE brilliance of Wall-E blows all the competition away. Not only is he the cutest trash compactor you'll ever see but the movie is Pixar's best so far.

***** U

9 Wild Child

EMMA Roberts shows Aunt Julia isn't the only actress in the family in this teen comedy about a spoilt Malibu brat who is packed off to an English boarding school.

***** 12A

10 X Files: I Want To Believe

SECOND movie from the TV series franchise suffers from relatively poor budget and iffy plot. More of an inspection of faith than an alien romp.

***** 15

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