August 29, 2008

MUMS AND LOVERS Oran Mor, Byres Road, Glasgow


WRITER Ian Pattison's most famous creation was Rab C Nesbitt, a man who often had a closer relationship with his string vest than his feminine side.

This hasn't stopped Pattison from writing Mums and Lovers, a comedy with an all female cast which debuts on Monday at Glasgow's Oran Mor.

"It's about three wives and mothers who meet every Thursday at a city centre bar for a night out," explains Pattison.

"On this occasion, one of them arrives late and unveils a guilty secret. What she tells them takes them all aback and affects the rest of their lives."

Pattison was inspired to write Mums and Lovers after going to see The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband and Dirty Dusting in Glasgow.

"They were women-oriented plays which were getting massive audiences and around 90 per cent of the crowd were women," recalls Pattison.

"That got me thinking I would like to write for women again. I've always enjoyed it in the past whether it be writing for Mary Doll or Ella in Nesbitt, or doing some of the monologues for Helen Lederer in Naked Video.

"There is a liberation in writing for women because frankly they have a licence to say almost anything and I've tried to use that to the full in this play.

"I'm told that the language is a little bit fruity, but hopefully it is amusing, too."

Julie Austin, Gabrielle Quigley and Shonagh Price play the mums and wives of the play.

Between them, they have acting credits in Braveheart, Chewin' The Fat and High Road, a shared CV which means that Pattison describes himself as "very lucky to have three of the best actresses around in the cast".

Mums and Lovers is part of the popular A Play, A Pie and A Pint series of lunchtime shows which has run at Oran Mor since 2004.

The pounds 10 cost of the ticket gets you the show, a pie and a drink.

Mums and Lovers is at Oran Mor, Byres Road, Glasgow, from Monday, September 1.

Tel: 08700 600 100.

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