August 31, 2008

Sex and Drugs and a Rocking Role

ACTOR Sir Ben Kingsley - who famously played Gandhi - should perhaps be renamed "Sir Bong" if these pictures from his latest movie are anything to go.

The Oscar-winning star - born in Snaiton near Scarborough, North Yorkshire - has told how he had to get high and share a steamy sex scene with Mary-Kate Olsen, 22, for his new film The Wackness.

Sir Ben plays Dr Squires in the comedy, which tells the story of a therapist who swaps therapy sessions to a teenager in exchange for weed Mary-Kate plays a pot-smoking hippy, and revealed her on- screen lover behaved like a perfect gent.

She said: "He was so professional about it and made me feel so comfortable.

He said, 'Anything you don't feel comfortable about, let me know. You lead me.' "It is all part of being an actress, but I was so in awe of Sir Ben I was more nervous about acting alongside him than about the kiss."

The Wackness (12) is out in cinemas now.

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