September 2, 2008

Personal Guides at Zoo


'AN innovation in tourism' has been launched at Paignton Zoo, it is being claimed.

Visitors can now get a free personal tour from their very own animal expert.

In what they believe to be a first for any Devon tourist attraction, the zoo has launched Zoo Highlights, a series of MP3 files available through the website

A zoo spokesman said: "The 24 separate segments each last about 30 seconds and provide extra information such as the names of animals, what they eat and facts about their natural habitats.

"Because the tour comes in individual files, it means you can just take the parts you want and listen to them in the order you want. It's like taking along your very own zoologist."

There's information on rare species such as Asiatic lions, Sumatran tigers, Bornean orangutans and black rhinos; on exhibits such as Crocodile Swamp, Lemur Wood, Monkey Heights, the Nocturnal House and the Reptile Nursery; on visitor favourites such as elephants, giraffe, flamingos and baboons; and on some of the more unusual animals like the cassowaries, giant tortoises and mandrills.

"This free tour is the perfect way to get more out of your trip to the zoo.

"You can use it along with our guidebook and the information boards around the zoo.

"It shows that Paignton Zoo is at the forefront of innovation in tourism."

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