September 2, 2008

Cowboys & Indians Gets Up-Close and Personal With Kevin Costner

DALLAS, Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Being an acclaimed actor and an Oscar-winning filmmaker is no longer enough for Kevin Costner. In the October issue of Cowboys & Indians, The Premier Magazine of the West, the multitalented superstar discusses his budding career as lead singer and songwriter with his Country-rock band Modern West. Costner is eagerly awaiting the fall release of the group's debut CD. And he's not at all worried about being perceived as just another movie star who wants to moonlight as a musician.


"Oh, sure," Costner tells C&I, "I know I'll face that sometimes. But I haven't faced it yet because I've been too busy performing and writing. I've played around the world already. By the time people catch up to what I'm doing, I've already done it. So it's not like I need their endorsement to get started. And I'm not going to let them make me quit."

In fact, Costner adds, "I've actually written a song about it called '90 Miles an Hour Down the Highway.' I'm already down the highway by the time those people will choose to do whatever they do."

Costner invites C&I readers to an exclusive visit to his 160-acre Aspen ranch in the October issue, now on sale at newsstands everywhere. The Colorado hideaway is one of the homes he shares with Christine, his beautiful wife, and Cayden, their 1-year-old son. Costner also recently purchased an oceanfront residence in Santa Barbara, California. "I've never been able to keep horses at my Aspen ranch," he says, "because of the elevation. But we're going to have horses in Santa Barbara, where we can ride them down to the beach."

Chuckling, Costner adds: "Of course, Christine is the one who knows more about actually raising horses. I've only adventured in the West."

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