September 4, 2008

Boys Are the Ones to Blaine

By Shari Low

I LOVE having sons - they're wild, hilarious and gorgeously cuddly.

But I do understand that sometimes natural exuberance and enthusiasm can get the better of boys and persuade them that ridiculous activities are a great idea.

When my oldest was a toddler, he went through his Buzz Lightyear phase, jumping off anything he could find and shouting "To Infinity and Beyond" all the way to A&E.

Meanwhile, my youngest is convinced that body surfing on mud slides is the best fun ever. It's got something to do with testosterone.

In the same vein, magician David Blaine (maturity age six?) has decided for his next jolly jape he will hang upside down like a bat and refuse to come down until he's ready.

In his world: elicits attention and cash.

In our world: elicits an angry mother and a favourite toy being taken away.

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