September 4, 2008

Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Productions Engages Acclaimed Writer Nicholas Meyer on George Washington Project

Vulcan Productions, the independent film company founded by investor Paul G. Allen, has signed writer Nicholas Meyer (Elegy, The Human Stain) to write a screenplay about the life of George Washington. Nick Wechsler (We Own the Night, Reservation Road) is attached as a producer, as are Richard Hutton and Michael Caldwell on behalf of Vulcan.

The project originated out of Allen's desire to present a historically accurate and compelling view of America's early years and its first president. "Washington was the indispensable man, the physical embodiment of America's revolutionary ideals and identity," Allen said. "As we consider America's role in today's ever-changing world, understanding the man who had a pivotal role during the birth of our nation is essential."

Allen and Wechsler have long sought a project on which to collaborate. "We've talked for years about doing a film together. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to do so," added Wechsler. "It would be difficult indeed to find a story more engaging or more dramatic than one about a man who changed the course of human history."

As a writer, Meyer's extensive knowledge of American history and Washington's life made him the perfect writer for the film. "The myths created by Washington's remarkable achievements are so ingrained in our thinking that people forget he was a man -- an extraordinarily complicated man whose personal life was defined by powerful contradictions and passions,"says Meyer. "I've studied the man for decades and look forward to telling the story of the real Washington."

In addition to serving as producer of We Own the Night and Reservation Road, upcoming projects from Nick Wechsler include screen adaptations of Audrey Niffenegger's novel "The Time Traveler's Wife," and "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy.

About Vulcan Productions

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