September 6, 2008

Having a Ball in ‘Ping Pong’

By > Glenn Whipp

The era of the man-child takes up residence in L.A.'s Chinese- American community with "Ping Pong Playa," a thin, but occasionally amusing movie about a trash-talking wannabe gangsta who finds his niche playing table tennis.

Christopher "C-dub" Wang (co-writer Jimmy Tsai) rouses himself from aimlessness and takes over his family's pingpong classes after a car accident forces his mom and successful brother to the sidelines.

What follows is a good-natured underdog comedy that's not particularly clever but will probably add a slogan or two to novelty T-shirt sellers in the coming years.

PING PONG PLAYA - Two and one half stars

>PG-13: language, including some sexual remarks and drug references.

>Running time: 1 hr. 36 min.

>Playing: Mann's Glendale Exchange 10; Mann's Chinese 6 in Hollywood.

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