September 6, 2008

Musicians Kick Jazz Festival Off in Style

By Conrad Emmett

The coolest music for miles around was heard last night as part of the warm up to the Cleethorpes Jazz festival.

Playing at the Grimsby Jazz Pre Festival Special was the John Horter Trio, along with Pat McCarthy and Barry Whitfield. Between them they were celebrating the work of pianist Bill Evans at the Stamford club, strumming ground for the Grimsby Jazz club.

Roy Norton is the programme consultant for the five day Cleethorpes Jazz Festival. He said: "The aim of it is to deliver a mixture of established artists, as well as bring along the new brigade of musical talent."

The festival for the main part will be held at the Beachcomber in Humberston.

John Horler came from London to take part. He said: "It's brilliant on stage in front of this audience, absolutely brilliant.

"Bill Evans to me is one of the great artists. I was learning to play piano, and not enjoying it very much until I heard him. Then it just sort of clicked.

"I don't always play jazz, but for me it's my main love."

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