September 6, 2008

Foreign TV Banned From Using Own Satellite Equipment During Azeri Election

Text of report by private Azerbaijani news agency Turan

Baku, 2 September: During the forthcoming presidential election [on 15 October] foreign TV channels will be using the satellite equipment of local TV channels for live broadcasts. There are all technical capabilities for that, the chairman of the National TV and Radio Council, Nusiravan Maharramli, said in an interview with Turan.

A law "On satellite communications" will be drawn up to that end which will outline procedures for foreign TV channels' access to satellites on Azerbaijani territory, as well as the price for using the satellites, he said.

Until the law is adopted, foreign TV channels are banned from bringing to Azerbaijan appropriate satellite equipment, Maharramli said.

Originally published by Turan news agency, Baku, in Russian 1046 2 Sep 08.

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