September 6, 2008

Internet: An Udder Approach to Art

By Craig Brown

COWED BY SCULPTURE more-must-see-creative-photographs.html

HERE are dozens of photos of extremely odd sculptures, some of which make the Angel of the North look like the last word in orthodox design. I can't quite get my head around the plinth of the actual-size cow lolly melting into the pavement, but these pics show that eccentricity is alive and kicking and working mainly in the domain of public art.

OFF-WORLDWIDE WEB an_arachnological_guide_to_the_ spiders_from_mars.php

THIS intriguing page is undoubtedly the product of a fevered imagination, possibly under the influence of a treble-expresso. Who else would come up with an arachnoid guide to the Spiders from Mars? This page probably requires a thoroughgoing knowledge of Ziggy Stardust-period David Bowie, but I'm not about to let that little problem get in the way of a good site.


INTERESTING little online television channel Blip.TV is an American site with a broad remit - politics, arts, music etc - mainly driven by videobloggers, podcasters and internet television producers. It's part of a burgeoning movement of visual creatives who make stuff on low budgets for us to enjoy for free. Long may they run. I found an interview with jazzman Billy Cobham, about his work with Miles Davis during the early 1970s - fascinating stuff and well-produced to boot.


THE forthcoming movie Frost/Nixon recounts a fascinating interview with the disgraced former president in 1977 by David Frost. On the surface it was an unlikely match - Frost was seen by many as a jetsetting lightweight - but the final product presented the unvarnished truth of how the Watergate scandal came to pass. Michael Sheen, who starred in the stage play - and did an uncannilly accurate impression of Tony Blair in The Queen - reprises the role of Frost. Looks good.

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