September 7, 2008

And It’s Goodbye to Kevin – Again


Newcastle United boss Kevin Keegan dominated the headlines during and after his departure. Charles Clarke became Gordon Brown's latest irritant, and Keira Knightley admitted that women find her irritating. Fiona Phillips received bouquets and brickbats alike for her decision of leave GMTV. Met Police Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur's battles on the work and home fronts saw him hit the headlines. Sales of baked beans are up 12 per cent, so these humble legumes are this week's culinary heroes, while a story on Robert De Niro walking out of his starring role and co-star Mel Gibson piqued interest. Biddy Baxter's memories of 'Blue Peter' brought misty-eyed coverage. The press loved the case of Michael Fabricant, Tory MP and coffee whitener smuggler - and who could fail to be moved by the heroin-addicted elephant in China?

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