September 7, 2008

Tripipedia: ‘Elephant’ Postcards Witty Campaign in Minneapolis/St. Paul

By Ann Tatko-Peterson

Hello, Donkey, From Elephant

Who said politics have to be serious? Certainly not the host committee officials for the Republican National Convention, which just wrapped up in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

To promote the region, the committee produced a unique batch of postcards featuring "Elephant" (symbol of the Republicans). A real elephant is pictured in various poses: riding a bike, hiking around a lake, visiting the "Hail to the Chief" exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, among others.

Naturally, the postcards are addressed to the symbol of the Democratic Party, or as "Elephant" calls him, "My Donkey friend!" Here's a snippet of what "Elephant" had to say: "At first I was bummed because I wasn't a delegate -- size regulations and all. But today I went to CivicFest, and boy, did I get the delegate experience!"

What a trumpet!

Big man shuns city of Big Ben

Guinness World Records stripped the world's tallest man of his title. London's Ripley's Believe It or Not! wanted him to get it back.

Ukraine's 8-foot, 5.5-inch Leonid Stadnyk was bounced off the throne when new guidelines required that a Guinness World Records official measure him in person. (He was initially given the record based on a statement from a medical practitioner.)

Ripley's offered the big man an all-expenses paid trip to its Sept. 3 gala. But Stadnyk was a no-show.

Arrr! Pirates invade Portland

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie franchise may have drawn its last breath, but the love of pirates lives on. At least in Portland, Ore.

More than 16,000 people showed up last year for the annual Portland Pirate Festival. This year's festival, from Sept. 20-21, will include musicians, cannon and flintlock battles and a high- wire, sword-juggling pirate clown. Details:

-- Ann Tatko-Peterson

Originally published by Ann Tatko-Peterson, Contra Costa Times.

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