September 8, 2008

MixMatchMusic Launches Service Enabling Musicians to Collaborate on, Profit From and Engage Fans With Their Music

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- DEMOfall 08 -- MixMatchMusic announced today the launch of its beta music service and dynamic music community, MixMatchMusic enables musicians to collaborate on, profit from and engage fans with their music. The company is introducing its service at the DEMOfall 08 conference, one of the premier venues for launching new companies and services.

"Great music is often a result of synergy between collaborators," said Charles Feinn, co-founder and CEO of MixMatchMusic. "MixMatchMusic adds fuel to the creative fire by bringing musicians together with each other and also with powerful but easy-to-use online collaboration technologies. We make it louder by making sure artists get paid for their work and even better by providing musicians with tools to cultivate and engage their fans.

"MixMatchMusic is the right solution for musicians who are rich with inspiration and art, but don't have recording contracts, publishing and promotional deals."

The MixMatchMusic artist solution is built on four key building blocks:

-- A dynamic music community. MixMatchArtists contribute parts of songs, called stems, such as guitar riffs, drum and vocal tracks; works in progress; or finished songs. Community members can search through this catalog of sounds and songs to find stems to complement their own song ideas and works in progress. They can also communicate with other musicians to discuss song or album projects. Casual fans - even those who don't play an instrument - can experiment with the sounds, discover new music and download stems or songs for use as ringtones or soundtracks for slide shows.

-- The MixMaker audio sequencer. Members of the community use the sequencer to mix, match, mash up and manipulate their stems along with stems contributed by various artists. The sequencer combines and synchronizes stems and tracks; its edit tools are powerful and precise, but easy-to-use.

-- The MixMatchMusic marketplace. The marketplace is an enlightened system of rights tuned to the unique requirements of digital music and the needs of digital musicians. The marketplace also includes highly transparent accounting processes and transaction logs that ensure musicians know the status of their work, are attributed and paid whenever it is downloaded or used in other art, or even by casual fans as ringtones. Musicians collect 85 cents on each dollar transacted.

-- The Remix Wizard is a widget installed on artist sites or MySpace pages that provides fans direct access to a simplified, lightweight version of the sequencer. Artists load stems of their songs into the Remix Wizard and invite their fans to mix and match the various parts and create entirely new compositions from those parts. The Remix Wizard is a simple-to-install and easy-to-use widget that gives indie artists a cool viral tool for engaging fans, and allows them to emulate the hugely popular remix promotions mounted by bands such as Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails.

"The lines are blurring between consumption of content and creation of it, as more and more members of more and more communities both use and produce new content," said Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMOfall 08 conference. "MixMatchMusic both illustrates and advances this trend, and is a disruptive solution that has the potential to be a very powerful creative force in music."

MixMatchMusic is part of a music industry that touches more than 100 million households in the US alone, according to NAMM, and that generates nearly $47 billion in annual sales from recorded music, concerts and music gear.

Participation in the MixMatchMusic community and use of its MixMaker audio sequencer are free to musicians and casual fans alike. Fees are incurred when stems, works in progress or finished songs are downloaded for sale or other use.

"Indie musicians benefit when their music gets discovered - by other musicians who can use it to complete their musical ideas, and also by casual fans looking for new ideas and new artists. Providing both with the ability to mix and match stems and works in progress transforms music from a passive to active experience," said Feinn.

MixMatchMusic expects to generate revenues from targeted and contextual advertising, participation in the sale of content created on its site and by its community, and also from the sales and licensing of future premium services.

   MixMatchMusic at DEMO   MixMatchMusic is at station 43 in the DEMOfall 08 Pavilion.    About MixMatchMusic  

MixMatchMusic was founded to serve the needs of millions of independent and semi-professional musicians. Its services, technologies and community enable musicians to collaborate on, profit from and engage fans with their music.

   MixMatchMusic is based in Silicon Valley and is angel-backed.    About DEMO  

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