September 8, 2008

Leadership Camp on Churchill Tundra Educates, Inspires, and Empowers Teens to Motivate Others Toward Actions Against Global Warming

SEBASTOPOL, Calif., Sept. 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Nominated by prestigious zoological and wildlife-focused institutions worldwide for their environmentalism, self-motivation, scholarship, computer literacy, and creative talents, two contingents of enthusiastic teens will share time and resources with leading scientists, educators, photographers and filmmakers to learn about polar bears and their habitat. Polar Bears International (PBI) invests over $10,000 in each student from donations provided by its members, individual donors, and donor organizations. ( The only cost to the institutions is travel expenses for the student to and from Winnipeg. Because global warming may render the arctic uninhabitable for polar bears by as early as 2030, the focus will be on inspiring the teens to communicate what they learn to their communities. The idea is for them to develop ideas that motivate others to take personal actions to counteract the climate changes affecting Earth and its creatures. Sessions on the world-famous Tundra Buggy Lodge will take place from October 2-9 and October 9-16, 2008.

PBI's Leadership Camp focuses on teaching teens -- most are high school juniors -- how to create a vision and motivate others to follow that vision. It offers them the opportunity to understand the importance of bringing people together to find solutions. They gain confidence in their ability to communicate by giving presentations, media interviews, website exposure, and developing projects within their communities. They blog via websites with their classrooms at home. They become highly effective at inspiring, informing, and empowering others to create change.

According to Robert Buchanan, PBI president, "We have found that kids teaching other kids is a very powerful way to ensure a legacy of commitment. Global warming and the conservation of the earth and its resources is the problem we're leaving to our children. The bottom line is that the Leadership Campers return to their communities with an implicit understanding that individuals can make a difference."

This is the third year for the Leadership Camp program, and its alumni have already proved that the program creates passionate leaders of tomorrow -- today. Some have started organizations of their own with all proceeds flowing to PBI to help fund more teens for Leadership Camp. (See One has written and recorded a song about polar bears. Many others have appeared on local broadcasts to talk about their experiences or have started community initiatives to create local awareness. More have given presentations to Rotary Clubs, Jaycees, and community and school groups.

Nominating institutions include: Alaska Zoo; Assiniboine Zoo Partners in the Park; Brookfield Zoo; Buffalo Zoo; Cincinnati Zoo; Como Zoo; PBI Australia; Cleveland AAZK; Louisville Zoo; Frontiers North Adventures; Jackson Hole's National Museum of Wildlife Art; Manitoba Conservation; Maryland Zoo; Milwaukee AAZK; Memphis Zoo; Oregon Zoo; Pittsburgh Zoo; Point Defiance Zoo; Roger Williams Park Zoo; San Diego Zoo; Scandinavian Wildlife Park; Seneca Park Zoo; Smithsonian's National Zoo; Toledo Zoo; Toronto Zoo; Tulsa Zoo; Utah's Hogle Zoo; Wapusk National Park

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