September 8, 2008

Punks Suffer a Great Rotten Role Swindle

By nathan bevan

HE was an antichrist, he was an anarch-ayst, but now he's selling Country Life Butter.

That's right, a new telly advert is set to show the once great Johnny Rotten forsaking the Vivienne Westwood bondage trousers and safety pins for a tweed jacket and plus fours to flog the tasty dairy comestible.

What next, Jimmy Pursey from Sham69 advertising Arthur Llewellyn Jenkins?

By the way, that sound you can hear as Rotten cavorts in front of the cameras is probably the quiet sobbing of ageing punks the nation over.

They'll be remembering their hero's legendary last words at a Sex Pistols gig at San Francisco's Winterland club in January 1978 before he walked off stage and out of the band.

"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" he sneered at the audience.

We do now John, we do now.

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