September 9, 2008

Shazam Celebrates 20 Million User Milestone

Shazam, the world's leading mobile music discovery provider, today announced that it has now been used by 20 million customers to identify music tracks across the world. The milestone marks a significant landmark in the evolution of mobile music as Shazam reports that users have identified over 100 million tracks. With millions of tracks now being tagged every week it's expected that the 200 million milestone will soon be achieved. In addition, with current growth trends, Shazam projects it will be available on 250 million handsets by the end of 2009.

Launched six years ago as the first mobile-specific discovery service, Shazam's initial IVR service has evolved into a hugely successful client application preloaded on mobile devices by many of the world's leading carriers and handset manufacturers.

Shazam moves music discovery beyond music recognition enabling users to capture and share music moments and stories - from identifying tracks to sharing these with friends and being able to buy the track instantaneously via a mobile phone.

Andrew Fisher, Shazam's CEO said: "Shazam is rapidly becoming a worldwide phenomenon and not a second goes by today without someone using Shazam to discover and share music experiences.

"We are seeing consumer adoption of Shazam increase dramatically and believe that music recognition will become a ubiquitous feature on mobile phones. By working closely with industry leading handset manufacturers and carriers Shazam is now embedded in tens of millions of handsets worldwide and we expect that by the end of 2009 Shazam will be available on more than 250 million devices."

Shazam has always recognised that the mobile phone would be at the centre of consumer's music experience and the landmark figure of 20 million users to date proves its popularity. Shazam expects to sustain its position as a driving force in the uptake of mobile services by consumers and in so doing help carriers, handset manufacturers and labels create significant value from this new era.

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About Shazam Entertainment

Shazam is the world's leading mobile music discovery application - enabling consumers to experience and share music with others across mobile devices and the internet. Since its launch as the first mobile-specific service to help users discover new music six years ago, Shazam has created a new way for users to connect to each other through their music tastes and preferences.

Headquartered in London England, Shazam's solutions enhance the music strategies of more than 75 carriers across 60 markets globally, including AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone and T-Mobile.

The ShazamiD Chart, generated by the company's mobile music recognition service, is constantly referenced by the music industry as a true indicator of market interest in pre-release material and a monitor of the hit potential of a track or artist.

Shazam's successes have been recognised through numerous awards, most recently winning the Mobile Entertainment Award for Best Music Service Provider.

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