September 10, 2008

Unlikely Group Cleans Up Redondo Beach

REDONDO BEACH, Calif., Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- An unlikely group hit the shores of Redondo Beach on Sunday, kicking off a series of events in Los Angeles involving children in environmentally-conscious activities. The Blue Marble Gang's Beach Clean-Up and Kick-off Party was sponsored by Halak Entertainment in association with Red Love Films and took place at King Harbor, where several children ages two to five donned their Blue Marble Gang T-shirts and went to work cleaning up the beach, singing songs and having fun with their parents who helped them along. The Blue Marble Gang is a children's animated television series concept created by the partners of Halak Entertainment: Julie Marie Hassett, Piper Moretti and Ellen Williams in a grassroots effort to teach environmental issues and consciousness to kids, who are then inspired to create their own Blue Marble Gangs. "I wanted to teach my 3-year-old that littering hurts the Earth," said Ms. Hassett, "and an animated series as well as hands-on activities was the way to go. This is a wonderful tool that will help parents teach their children environmental responsibility."

Frank Pepito, a South Bay-based artist, created the characters for the show: Rufous, a fun-loving lemur; Pricilla the Dolphin, the girl of the group; Estevez the Ocelot, the fix-it man and Orinthal the Orangutan, the brains of the operation. Together they make up The Blue Marble Gang and solve the Earth's environmental mysteries. Children can identify and have fun with the loveable characters while learning how to take care of their environment.

The next activity is scheduled for Saturday, September 27th when The Blue Marble Gang hits Santa Monica for the Walk for Farm Animals. "The Blue Marble Gang is more than environmentalism," Piper Moretti adds, "it's about getting kids to see how everything is related and hopefully teaching them to be more conscious of the world around them." For more information, please visit

The Blue Marble Gang

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