September 10, 2008

Doubtfire Inspires Boy, 8, to Be a Lifesaver

By Tom Wilkinson

A quick-thinking eight-year-old stopped his cousin choking on a lollipop after he picked up a life-saving technique from the film Mrs Doubtfire, the boys' proud grandmother said yesterday.

Callum Smith (eight) carried out the Heimlich manoeuvre on six- year-old Thomas Osborne when the sweet got stuck in his throat.

The boys were playing in the street near their homes in Middlesbrough on Saturday.

Callum had never been taught the life-saving technique, but remembered seeing it in the Robin Williams film.

In the movie, Williams's nanny character saves his love rival, who is choking in a restaurant.

The boys' grandmother said: "I'm so proud of Callum. A woman who saw what happened told me he deserves a medal. He must have picked it up from the film."

Callum explained how he forced the lollipop out of Thomas's throat.

He said: "Thomas's face was all red, so at first I tapped him on the back, but when it didn't come out I grabbed him round his belly and pushed it in - like on Mrs Doubtfire. Then it came flying out."

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