September 10, 2008

Haifa and Assi Did Not Meet

Lebanese artist Assi Hilani and Haifa Wahbe concluded their musical concerts for the summer season celebration in Lebanon at the Oscar Palace.

According to the London daily Elaph, Assi and Haifa did not meet behind the scenes at the Oscar Palace, because Assi arrived when Haifa was performing on stage.

During an interview with Elaph, Haifa revealed how happy she is with the success of her latest album and she thinks that it became successful because she worked so hard on it.

Haifa denied there are any problems between her and the Egyptian producer Al Sabki. Rumors claim that Al Sabki filed a lawsuit against her for taking the leading role in the new film "Dokan Shahatah" (Shahatah's Supermarket).

Haifa said that she is close friends with Al Sabki and that they have no dispute.

Haifa also denied there any conflicts between her and the stars on the new film "Baher Al Nojoom" (Sea Of Stars), produced by the international company Pepsi. All the stars in the new film are getting along with one another and since none of them have leading roles they are all treated alike on the set, she added.

Haifa also denied rumors that her long stay in Egypt was to plan a wedding. Haifa said that she was in Egypt to host a number of private musical events. She said when plans a wedding it will not be a secret.

As for the famous singer Assi Hilani, he had a successful summer season this year. Assi refused to comment on his conflict with the famous Lebanese singer Faris Karam.

"God bless Faris Karam and everyone else," said Assi.

Assi also denied there is conflict between him and the Syrian artist Asala Nasri. He asserted that the duet he sang with Rowaida Atyah is not the one that he was supposed to perform with Asala. He said that the duet he made for Asala is still with him and the project was postponed because Asala is presently busy.

Assi said that he includes horses in his music video clips, because they define Arab culture and is "better than filming in night clubs."

His next video clip will be under the Lebanese director Saed Al Marooq. 2008 Al Bawaba (

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