September 11, 2008

Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives Names Heidi Roizen Annual Achievement Award Recipient for 2008

Heidi Roizen will today join the ranks of past honorees Marissa Mayer of Google, Carol Bartz of Autodesk, Michelle Peluso of Travelocity and Dawn LePore of as the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives' 2008 Achievement Award Winner.

The award, being presented at the dinner reception at the Hotel Sofitel in Redwood City, Thursday, September 11th was established in 1995 to honor accomplished women leaders who have made a significant, positive, sustainable impact on their profession, their community and the world.

Heidi exemplifies the membership of FWE&E and this year's theme "The Art of Connection," having brought people together as an entrepreneur, during her tenure as a leader of the Software Publishers Association and later of the National Venture Capital Association, as a venture capitalist, and now, in embracing a new field -- music -- as CEO and lyricist for SkinnySongs.

"One of the special features of tomorrow's ceremony highlights the very reason we chose Heidi," said Wendy Beecham, FWE&E's Executive Director. "Not many people could get Bill Gates, Scott McNealy, Ann Winblad, and Bill Campbell (see quotes below) to cut time out of their busy schedules to participate in creating a video, but they did so for Heidi." The evening will also include a live 'fireside chat' between Heidi and veteran news anchor Suzanne Shaw, the Emmy-award-winning television journalist who formerly anchored the evening news at the ABC and NBC affiliate stations in San Francisco.

Heidi Roizen co-founded software company T/Maker in the early 1980's -- making her one of the rare women CEOs in the budding software industry. T/Maker grew to over $15 million in revenue and was then acquired in 1994. Heidi later joined Apple as Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations. However, the corporate life was not for her and not compatible with the needs of her young family, so Heidi returned to the world of entrepreneurship as a "mentor capitalist" -- helping companies such as Great Plains, Be, Inc, and Softbook as member of their corporate boards. She then joined Mobius Venture Capital as a managing director in 1999.

Serving on over 20 corporate boards, Heidi was used to looking hard at figures, except one...she did not like to look at her own. So in January of 2008, she decided once again to return to her entrepreneurial roots and launch a company reflecting her new passion -- writing and producing music that would help her and others find the motivation to lose weight and get in shape.

Though a newcomer to the music industry, Heidi applied the same formula that led to success in her other endeavors -- identifying a need, using creativity and tenacity -- and then convincing talented partners to join her in bringing the vision to reality. Heidi teamed with music industry veterans George Daly (CEO of About Records) and David Malloy (legendary Nashville producer with over 40 #1 hits to his name) to create SkinnySongs, the first collection of radio-hit quality music with lyrics designed to motivate those seeking to take control of their weight and fitness. With her success in launching the CD (as well as shedding the unwanted pounds) she has recently been featured on the Martha Stewart Show, Oprah and Friends XM Radio, Forbes, USAToday and more.

While pursuing her passion for health and fitness through music (and a book in the works) Heidi is still maintaining her place in the technology sector as a Corporate Director. In July, Heidi was elected to the Board of Directors of Online Resources (Nasdaq:ORCC) which powers web-based financial services for thousands of financial institutions, billers and credit service providers, processing over $100 billion in payments annually.

"I love working with entrepreneurs," said Heidi, "and being one myself again reminds me of how much work but also how much fun it is. I intend to also keep working with other entrepreneurs to help them bring their passions to life, and Silicon Valley is the perfect place to be to make that happen. This honor is particularly meaningful to me, because FWE&E is such a tremendous organization for bringing entrepreneurial and executive women together to do just this."

Selected Quotes From Some Of The Over 20 Leaders Who Were Videotaped for Heidi's Award Ceremony

Scott McNealy, Chairman and Co-founder of Sun Microsystems -- One of the aspects I find fascinating about Heidi is her ability to know all the key people in the industry. No matter where Heidi goes, whether it is the White House, Silicon Valley, or Fargo, North Dakota, Heidi is the networker of all time.

Bill Gates -- Heidi is great with people and she always knows what's going on in the industry. Heidi was a board member of Great Plains, a very important acquisition for Microsoft, she helped get us together and make that a successful transaction. When she was an executive at Apple, during some tough times, she maintained a lot of great relationships and kept things going in a positive direction. It is great Heidi is receiving this award, she has done a lot for this industry and I know she'll be doing more great work in the future.

Gordon Eubanks, former CEO of Symantec -- Heidi has always had incredible vision, she sees where opportunities are, and she finds ways to bring together incredibly diverse groups of people to make things happen.

Ann Winblad, founding partner, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners -- Heidi's attitude has always been "I will not fail" -- not that she won't make mistakes but that she will learn from them, move on, and will succeed in the end.

Bill Campbell, Chairman, Intuit -- Heidi thinks about things creatively and entrepreneurially, which makes her a wonderful partner for new entrepreneurs to work with. I think this is a fantastic award for Heidi from a great organization, and I congratulate Heidi from the bottom of my heart.

Tom Byers, Professor, Stanford University -- Heidi is courageous, and she is not afraid to mix it up with the 'big boys' in this industry. She combines humility with a unique, audacious style. Heidi always finds a way for it to be a win/win situation for her and the other person. That's why so many people also end up being such good friends with her.

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