September 11, 2008

Dixie Chicks Song Dropped From ‘Lucky’

A song the U.S. country band the Dixie Chicks wrote for "The Lucky Ones" reportedly was dropped from the film's soundtrack for financial reasons.

A source told the New York Post the band couldn't reach an acceptable deal regarding payment with Lionsgate, the movie's distributor.

Neil Burger's new film, which is about a trio of Iraq war veterans returning home, stars Rachel McAdams, Tim Robbins and Michael Pena. It screened this week at the Toronto International Film Festival and is slated to open in U.S. theaters Sept. 26.

"It's a total hit song. But Lionsgate couldn't make a deal. They balked over a low six-figure number," a source told the Post about the Dixie Chicks' latest track.

Cindi Berger, the Chicks' publicist, told the newspaper, "Unfortunately, the Lionsgate deal could not get done, so the Chicks decided to keep the song."

The track is expected to appear on a future CD, the Post said.