September 12, 2008

Amro Diab Confused Between Nancy and Carole

The famous Egyptian superstar Amro Diab is holding a number of closed and private meetings with producer Imad Al Deen Adeeb and Dr. Midhat Al Adel to choose a female leading star for his new film.

The stars names that are nominated for the leading role are Lebanese artists Nancy Ajram, Carole Samaha and Miriam Faris as well as international singer Shakira, who is also originally from Lebanon.

Some sources revealed that there will be a contest throughout the Arab world in order to find a leading star that will act alongside Diab. "Good News Group" Production Company made it clear that it will soon release a press memo saying what the committee, which includes Diab, Adeeb and Adel, has decided on.

On the other hand, Diab is committed to release his new and upcoming album by the month of December. Diab recently held a live concert at the Marina in Egypt, where over 40 thousand fans came to see him. The concert was filmed by the Egyptian television and it will be aired some time soon. 2008 Al Bawaba (

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