September 12, 2008

Coffee Break: QUIZ OF THE DAY

1. What name is given to the usher belonging to the Order of the Garter whose chief duty is to serve as official messenger of the House of Lords?

2. Ash Wednesday is the first day of which Christian festival?

3. How many humps has a Bactrian camel?

4. What is the stage name of the Scottish comedian and actor Anthony McMillan?

5. Hare Krishna is a branch of which religion?

6. Which US entrepreneur introduced the Kodak box camera in 1888?

7. Who has urged that we "tilt the world a little in favour of the poor."?

8. Which 1974 sci-fi movie starred Sean Connery?

9. Which jazz musician composed the scores for the film Saturday Night And Sunday Morning and The Avengers TV series?

10. In Rome in 1960 they were called the International Stoke Mandeville Games.

What are they now known as?


QUIZ OF THE DAY: 1 Black Rod; 2 Lent; 3 Two; 4 Robbie Coltrane; 5 Hinduism; 6 George Eastman; 7 Bob Geldof; 8 Zardoz; 9 Sir John Dankworth; 10 The Paralympics.

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