September 12, 2008

Not One to Gossip


ASK James Blunt about having his life scrutinised by the tabloid press and you may get a prickly response.

"There are wars going on, and climate change, there are much bigger things to think about in this life," retorts the 33-year-old former army captain when quizzed about his appearance in the celebrity pages whenever a new girl hits the scene.

His current world tour saw him returning to Kosovo where he had served as a soldier and famously strapped his guitar to the outside of his tank.

He says it reminded him not to get "bogged down with what's cool and what's not cool."

He is keen to emphasise that he is not a one man band. Keyboard player Paul Beard, bassist John Garrison, drummer Karl Brazil and guitarist Ben Castle, are performing with him on stage.

But James's videos only feature the singer himself!

"Yeah, they don't get enough credit, do they?" he laughs. "This is not one man and a guitar at all.

There are five of us on stage and we perform with such energy."

Birmingham is a familiar place for drummer Karl, who grew up in Solihull. His strong Brummie accent contrasts with Blunt's ever- so- southern tones.

Says James: "It means I can take the mickey out of him and he can take the mickey out of me."

Ticket Info

James Blunt plays the NIA, Birmingham, on October 7. Tickets: pounds 32.50, plus booking and transaction fee, from or 0871 945 6000.

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