September 14, 2008

It’s That Dickens Time of Year Again

By Hermione Eyre

COMING SOON - TV Hermione Eyre flicks through the schedules to see what's worth watching this autumn

Turn on, tune in and rejoice, for there are several programmes coming up on TV over autumn that should be worth watching. Hard to know why, of all Dickens' oeuvre, it is Little Dorrit that is favoured with another adaptation, but BBC1 is offering a new version with an all-star cast, including Matthew Macfadyen (pictured) as Arthur Clennam, the part Derek Jacobi played so beautifully in the 1988 film version. Another promising adaptation forthcoming on BBC1 is Wallander, a three-part series in which Kenneth Branagh plays Swedish author Henning Mankell's eponymous detective.

BBC2's autumn drama highlight is Einstein and Eddington by Peter Moffat (who wrote Criminal Justice) which stars Andy Serkis as Einstein (sneak previews show him sticking out his tongue most promisingly) and David Tennant as Eddington, while Jodhi May and Rebecca Hall will make wonderfully glamorous scientists' wives.

The spirit of Jacques Cousteau should be strong in Oceans, a new BBC2 documentary series, not least because its team of marine experts includes his grandson, Philippe Cousteau and the aptly named maritime archaeologist, Dr Lucy Blue. The series, which stretches to eight instalments of an hour each, will traverse all the oceans of the globe.

Meanwhile, Sky Arts continues to provide wonderful cultural programming, with a relaunch on 20 October that doubles its output, with contemporary and cult arts events - such as the Friday Night Hijack - on Sky Arts 1.

On Channel 4, The Shooting of Tom Hurndall, a docu-drama made with the full cooperation of his family, will commemorate the life of the British activist killed in Israel, while a series called Osama Bin Everywhere will show the "sunnier side of Islam, featuring a hundred interviews with folks called Osama". In November, an epic Remembrance Sunday documentary will commemorate every British serviceman and woman who has died in the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan - a project which, sadly, must still be ongoing.

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