September 15, 2008

‘Speak To Me (My Michigan)’

LANSING, Mich., Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Just when it's needed most, a Lansing producer of original music and content for radio, television and new media advertising has released a single that is sure to inspire Michigan residents and make them feel good about living in the great lakes state.

"Speak to Me (My Michigan)" was released today by Harvest Music + Sound Design, a 26-year old music production agency, which lists as clients Meijer, Chevrolet, Ford Motor Co., Herman Miller, among others.

The sweet, melodic and uplifting song was written and is performed by award-winning and versatile lyricist Jules Anna Jones, a member of the Harvest Creative Team, who says the words to the four minute anthem came to her easily.

"'Speak to Me (My Michigan)' is really a love song," says Jones. "I was inspired by the incredibly beautiful place I call home, and the remarkable people who live here."

Harvest President and Executive Creative Director, Steve Curran, says the company produced the piece as a gift to those who live and work in Michigan.

"For us, 'Speak to Me (My Michigan)' is a celebration of the good things and natural beauty around us," says Curran. "We're fortunate to call Michigan home, and despite the numerous challenges we've been faced with, we can still be inspired. We love where we live, which, in the end, makes this music very, very special."

Curran credits the talent and hard work of Jones and Harvest co-owner Mark Miller, who co-produced the music, with the development of the new song.

"We're all tired of the headlines," adds Curran. "But this music says, 'alright everybody, let's just all take a deep breath ... things are getting better.' I really feel it'll lift peoples' spirits at a time when they probably need it most."

The single is available now at and can be downloaded for 99 cents, or the CD single can be purchased for $2.99 at the same site.

About Harvest Music + Sound Design

Harvest has also written other notable national work such as "Possibilities," performed in 2006 by American Idol winner Taylor Hicks as part of a national Ford Motor Co. radio and TV advertising campaign; as well as "Feel The Love" for the Bermuda Board of Tourism; Minute Maid; Lincoln-Mercury; La-Z-boy; Gannett Newspapers (including The Detroit News); Chevrolet; Herman Miller; both film and CD projects for actor/musician Jeff Daniels; Meijer; Shoe Carnival; Nike; the National Thoroughbred Racing Association; Mazda; United Way; Old Country Buffet; Audi; and Big Lots, among others.

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