September 16, 2008

Author, Filmmaker Will Discuss Creativity

BRUNSWICK - On Friday, Oct. 3, the C.G. Jung Center will welcome author and filmmaker Phil Cousineau as this year's Mildred Harris speaker. An experienced sojourner with many stories to share, Cousineau will examine the challenges of the creative process in his lecture, "Stoking the Creative Fires."

Cousineau will focus on three parts of the creative journey: inspiration, perspiration and realization. He will use stories, film clips and animated discussion to explore creativity in the arts, film, business and its use in therapeutic practice.

Cousineau's topics range from mythology, film and writing to travel, sports and creativity. He has published 25 books and has 22 screenwriting credits in documentary film.

The lecture will begin at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary of First Parish Church. It is free in honor of the late Mildred Harris, founding benefactress of the C.G. Jung Center. A seminar will also be offered Saturday. For cost and more details, call 729-0300 or log on to

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